Ladies Intimate Waxing

The following is a list of intimate treatments for Ladies, please contact me if you need further details on a particular treatment:

Price List

The Brazilian
All off, feels clean, sexy and liberating – with or without a landing strip. Removes all hair from the front, back, inside and outside. Includes butt crack, noticeable hair on the buttocks, inner and outer labia, pubic triangle, back of upper thigh.


The G String
Leaves a strip of hair from the pubic mound, down over the labia, and tapering towards the butt cheeks. Includes the butt crack and any noticeable hairs on the buttocks. You should be able to wear a thong with no pubic hair showing outside.


The Rose
Butt crack and butt cheeks.


The High Leg
Hair removed from the two side panels going in narrower towards the bottom. The top of the pubic line is perfected and underneath just onto the butt cheeks is removed. You should be able to wear a high leg knicker with no pubic hair showing outside.


The Lily
Butt crack only.


The Sunflower
Butt cheeks only.


The Basic Bikini
A wax in the crease of the leg. Will remove all visible pubic hair outside of the knickers at the front only. You should be able to wear a bikini knicker with no pubic hair showing outside



I am a professional waxer and do not offer any other services, so please only contact me for the treatments listed.

Appointments are available Monday to Saturday – I allow sufficient time for your appointment to give you the best possible service, so please arrive on time.

Please also arrive clean and fresh for your appointment.

I am fully insured with ABT Associated Beauty Therapists.

As a courtesy, please remember to call as soon as you know that you are unable to make your appointment. If you miss an appointment or fail to give 24 hours notice you will be required to pay 50% of your service total.